Isotonic Isotonic Isotonic Isotonic

Sodium and key electrolytes for optimal hydration 

4 sources of carbs for maximum energizing

NO artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors

Easy to digest, yet still delicious


Triathlon is characterized by long efforts with a high sweat ratio, which increases the risk of dehydration, especially in warm conditions. This has a negative effect on performance and even health.

That is why fast hydration is very important, which is optimally achieved by the HIDDIT ISOTONIC.

Next to water, the ISOTONIC also supplies salt (sodium) and electrolytes, contributing  to a faster and more efficient hydration than using just water! 

Our new AGRUM flavor caters to the heavier sweaters, with a double portion of sodium ( 430 mg/serving), and added electrolytes such as potassium and calcium.

The 4 sources of carbohydrates will continuously provide energy to your body, which will affect your performance positively. In addition, the total amount of carbohydrates is distributed over glucose and fructose in a 2:1 ratio, which has been scientifically proven to reduce the risk of stomach and intestinal complaints.

And finally, vitamin C supports the immune system during and after strenuous physical exertion at a daily intake of 200 mg.

Use the Isotonic for hydration and energy fueling during your training and races.

Start by drinking 250 ml, about 15 minutes before your training, and drink a further 500 ml per hour of effort.

It is advisable to drink approximately 125 ml every 15 minutes of training. This promotes the gastric emptying, which benefits digestion.


Maltodextrin, sucrose, fructose, dextrose, sodium citrate, calcium citrate, sodium chloride, natural agrum flavour, potassium chloride, anti-caking agent: silicium dioxide, acidity regulator: citric acid, magnesium citrate, vitamin C


35% maltodextrin, 30% sucrose, 25% fructose, 5% dextrose, acidity: citric acid, sodium chloride, magnesium oxide, natural lime flavour, anti-caking agent: silicon dioxide, vitamin C (ascorbic acid).


35% maltodextrin, 30% sucrose, 25% fructose, 5% dextrose, acidity: citric acid, sodium chloride, flavouring, magnesium oxide, colorant: beta carotene, anti-caking agent: silicon dioxide, Vitamin C (ascorbic acid), natural flavour.


 Per 100 g Per serving (40 g)

1540 kJ

368 kcal

616 kJ

147 kcal

Fats 0 0


of which sugar

91,89 g

60 g

36,76 g

24 g

Fiber 0,00 g 0,00 g
Protein 0,00 0,00
Salt 3,31 g 1,32 g
Sodium (Natrium) 1075 mg 430 mg (8,6% RI)
Calcium 392 mg 156,8 mg (19,6% RI)
Potassium 315 mg 126 mg (6,3% RI)
Vit C 131 mg 52,4 mg (65,7% RI)
Magnesium 55 mg 22 mg (5,86% RI)



  Per 100 g Per Serving (40 g)
Energy 384 Kcal 155 Kcal
Fats 0 g 0 g


of which sugar

94,28 g

63 g

37,71 g

25,20 g

Fiber 0,09 g 0,03 g
Protein 0 g 0 g
Salt 1,25 g 0,5 g
Vitamin C 131,40 mg 52,56 mg (65,7% of RDI)
Magnesium 422,10 mg 168,84 mg (45% of RDI)