Advanced Endurance Bundle

Fuel, hydrate and recover!

Our Advanced Endurance Bundle has everything you need for your longer training sessions.

As you progress as a triathlete, your training load will likely increase, with more and longer sessions.

Besides hydrating and recovering, you will need to start paying attention to fueling these longer sessions.

That's why our Advanced Bundle contains an Isotonic and a Recovery, like our Basic Endurance Bundle, but on top of that you also get 9 Energy Gels and 12 Energy Fruit Bars, of your favourite flavors!

What does it contain?

  •  Isotonic 1 kg
  •  Recovery 1 kg
  •  9 Energy Gels
  •  12 Energy Fruit Bars

And all this at the discounted price of 84,95€!

How does it work?

Just choose the flavors of your products here below, and press "Add bundle to cart".