Ubiquinol Ubiquinol

Most powerful antioxidant in it's purest form

 High dose of 100 mg

 Convenient, easy to take supplement to increase energy

 Highly recommended after the age of 35


Ubiquinol is the active and non-oxidised form Coenzyme Q10, which is the most powerful antioxidant known. It is also highly absorbable by the body.

As well as neutralising free radical cells which could damage healthy cells in the body, it has an essential role in energy production because it is a catalyst for the metabolism. It is also the most powerful, fat-soluble antioxidant and promotes heart and brain function, energy production and insulin response.

The body can produce Ubiquinol from Coenzyme Q10 obtained through the diet, however this is usually in small doses. The body can also produce it from Tyrosine, however this process depends on the presence on certain other nutrients which are not always readily available. As we age, the ability to transform Coenzyme Q10 to Ubiquinol decreases.

HIDDIT’s pure, high strength, easy to take  Ubiquinol softgels can help to reduce fatigue, contribute to strength and reduce muscle damage.

Take 1-2 softgels per day

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Rapeseed Oil, Ubiquinol, Emulsifier (Glyceryl Monooleate, Beeswax, Soya Lecithin, Capsule Shell (Modified Corn Starch, Vegetable Glycerol, Carrageenan, Caramel, Disodium Phosphate).