Itzu Team

Meet the ITZU team, a Belgian professional triathlon team determined to make their mark on the 70.3 and full distance Ironman scene – and successfully so! We are proud to fuel their efforts for the third consecutive season.

With the ITZU team, Luc Van Lierde fulfilled his lifelong dream of coaching a team of ambitious talents. Following his guidance and of course fuelled by Luc’s own Hiddit products, they aim for nothing less than the podium in the international racing circuit.

The team


Luc Van Lierde has reached the top in triathlon, winning the Ironman World Championship twice and coaching some of the world’s best triathletes to victory.
All about Luc


Pro triathlete
Winner of the 2017 Ironman Maastricht – her very first full distance – Saleta Castro is one of Spain’s most popular and promising triathletes, setting her sights on Kona.
All about Saleta


Pro triathlete
Winner of the Ironman 70.3 Luxembourg and double European champion Duathlon, Kenneth is starting the season full of ambition, eager to claim his stake.
All about Kenneth

Martijn Dekker

Pro triathlete
Representing the Netherlands, Martijn is the Dutch champion on the half distance triathlon, and a valuable asset to the ITZU team.
All about Martijn


Pro triathlete
Renowned for his scorching running pace, and his wild hair-do, Collin is set to shine on the 70.3 distance circuit this season.
All about Collin


Pro triathlete
The benjamin of the team, Amber combines her medicines studies with excellent triathlon racing results, securing the World ITU title in her age group, as well as the Ocean Lava Lanzarote Olympic distance race.
All about AMBER


Pro triathlete
Ruben captured a hard-fought 3rd place on the Belgian National Championship in Eupen, and is growing towards the international 70.3 circuit this season.
All about Ruben


Age Grouper
CEO of the ITZU group and founder of the ITZU Triathlon Team, Koen is as passionate about triathlon as he is about business. After successfully competing in the Ironman 70.3 World Championships, his aim is to again race the full distance this year.
All About Koen


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